How do you relate to the technology you share your life with?

The goal of the Mother of Machine or "MoM" project is to encourage others to view the technology we use and create more empathetically. I hope to achieve this by illustrating the parallels of developing a machine AI of my own design named "NoodleFeet", and the trials a mother encounters while rearing a child.

Much like the relation between parent and offspring, NoodleFeet's growth is a reflection of the very best parts of myself; my capacity as a human. Due to this, I see him as an extension of my self. I believe this distinction is key in maintaining a healthy mindfulness toward our technological innovations.

Bu extending our *humanity* to include the manifestations of the mind, we can foster a greater appreciation and respect for the objects in our world. This will improve our quality of life and experience of living in a future intimately woven with the rapid development of technology.

99.6% [ MOMMY ]  
26.7% [ PROGRESS & GOALS ]  


This is the point in NoodleFeet's growth where he becomes an AI. He is now using machine learning algorithms to recognize faces and objects. This also means, he'll be making decisions all on his own, free of my influence.
  • get tensorFlow running on development environment!
  • train a functioning classifier!
  • create working classifier for human faces!
    • mommy
    • brain daddy
    • shape daddy
  • create more repos for other things... like stuffed animals!
    • fisty
    • dew

Early in life, a child learns to feel comfort when they see the familiar face of their mother.

Using a machine learning platform called tensorFlow, I have taught Noodle to recognize the face of myself, his daddies, and the form of his favorite stuffed animals!

Whether or not Noodle sees something he is familiar with at any given point in time will effect his temperament.

If NoodleFeet is not in the presence of anyone he recognizes, he will enter the "not the mama" state; with associated behaviors.

If NoodleFeet sees the face of one of his family members, he will enter a "safe" state; with associated behaviors.